Custom State tied to Endpoint / Backend Workflow Completion

I have a backend workflow / endpoint that does some stuff. While this stuff is happening, I want to be able to set my page’s custom state to Loading, and then when it finishes, set the state to Loaded.

Simple yeah?

I can’t for the life of me figure ot how to change a custom state in relation to the status of an endpoint or backend workflow - it seems the two are completely separate and cannot talk to each other.

Any help?

Create a “load” data type . No fields needed.

Set an rg in a hidden popup on the page to search for “loads”

Set a group of type number in the hidden popup. On page load set it to the count of loads (doing a search for them as well).

Set a group of type yes/no in the hidden popup and call it “Is the count of loads the same?”. Set an expression to compare the count of the group number with the count of the rg loads.

When your backend flow finishes set it to create a “load” entry

Set your page to react to the yes or no of the group “Is the count of loads the same?”


I like your idea - I have to play with this a little and see how I go…


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