Can Schedule API Workflow access custom states?

My page contains a reusable element that has 114 custom states, causing it to load slowly when the user clicks “save.” To address this issue, I aim to shift a significant portion of the workflow to the backend using ‘Schedule API Workflow.’ However, the API workflow is unable to modify the custom states, they are simply not available from the drop down select options. Am I missing something?

Custom states only exist on the page… so there is no such thing in a backend workflow.


As great @adamhholmes said they dont exist in backend.

But i think when you schedule api you can send the customsState value as a parameter to backend workflow.

An i right sir.

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Thank you for letting me know mate

Thanks, I will look into this.

If you get stuck, @darren.james7518 , know we the community are always happy to help. And you tag me any time or evem msg me you editor with the issue i would debug it.

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Thank you @Baloshi69 that is very kind of you.