Custom State type: numeric range

Hi there,

I noticed the custom state type “numeric range”. I don’t quite understand what this type does and how the value is set?

For example can this be used to generate a range of number from 1-5? And is it possible to use and display this range in a repeating group?

Interesting! When I try it out, it looks like the answer is no. What would you like to do with it?

If you want to generate a list of numbers setting the increment and range then just use the Toolbox plugin > List of Numbers

You can then set the RG to Number (type of content) and the data source being the List of Numbers. Within each cell would the ‘current cells number’.

Here is some information as to the Numeric Range content type:

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Hi @mike_verbruggen I was thinking about a way to not use the list of numbers plugin, whick I use now for pagination on a repeating group. But as @luke2 pointed out, I think I do should use this plugin, or use the database to generate and refresh page numbers, which will be much slower I suppose.

Good luck. Until now, I avoided the use of pagination.