Field Type 'numerical range' and 'date interval'

What kind of data is meant by ‘numerical range’ and ‘date interal’ ?

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Numerical range is only used if you’re using the Slider Input and set its type to range. That enables users to pick two numbers, and the these numbers are stored as a numerical range (like [1, 10]). You can then access the min and the max. It’s useful if you want your users to set a price range, or something like this.

Date interval is a way to quantify the difference between two dates. It/s the number of days/hours/minutes/etc between them. This is what gets returned when you do a minus between two dates.


How do we set a strict minimum?

For example, if someone is selling seats/tickets to a concert and only has 3 available, as they are purchased they are reduced in quantity until there are 0 available tickets left.

Right now I can keep purchasing and purchasing and the number keeps going into the negative…

@JustinC how do you handle the display of and how to choose number of tickets on the frontend? Single purchase, dropdown, display stock and +/- signs etc.?

You could do a drop down selector. Or you could do a button that makes changes to a thing and ads or reduces Quantity under Product thing.

Was your post above from a real example? What setup did you in such case end up using that?

I’m trying to figure out the sleekest way to handle inventory of up to 50 (of something) per item. All items are owned by a user.

Data interval = Duration.

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