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New Bubble user & first-time poster.

I’m trying to use a custom state to concatenate a number of element values (this will then be input to a Google URL Shortener API call). The problem I have is that the editor for the value of a custom state seems much less capable than that for a UI element.

It doesn’t seem possible to create this formula (ignore spaces): Input A’s value ?prm1= Input B’s value &prm2= Input B’s value

Am I missing something? For now I have replicated this with a hidden UI element on the form but this hack wouldn’t work for an inbound API call.

Appreciate any help

Yes its a pain, its because there’s no “long text” for custom state. Well done finding a workaround!

Another workaround is …

Something's value : is not empty : formatted as text

Then you have more flexibility in the yes or no boxes.

Thanks for replying. Can you explain your workaround please.

Input A's value :is not empty
The expression is now a boolean, value yes or no.

:formatted as text
This converts the boolean to a text.
The conversion gives two edit boxes, one for yes and one for no, where you can put for example:
Input A’s value ?prm1= Input B’s value &prm2= Input B’s value

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