Managing Custom State values


I’m brand new to Bubble and have been taking an online course to familiarize myself with Bubble’s features. This morning I have created five custom states (each set to text) and linked these to buttons on my home page. Though everything is working as expected, what I can’t figure out is how to change the value in the “Set State” dialog window to be a narrative including a few very short paragraphs. When I paste these short paragraphs in the “Set State”…“Value” field, I lose the formatting.

Hey @tom.love1250

What you could do is have a text element with the following conditions:

  • When state’s value = 1, text is X
  • When state’s value = 2, text is Y
    and so on

In your workflows, just change the state’s value to 1 if you want to show X for example.

Here is a quick example:

Hope that helps

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