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Custom State "Visible" Within Collapsable Group

I have a group (A) (collapse when hidden is checked). Inside this group I have another group (B) with visible unchecked. I’m trying to apply a custom state to Group B to show it when a button is pressed. However it seems this hide/show functionality messes up the collapsibility of Group A. When Group B is simply set to visible then Group A collapses without a problem.

Any suggestions?

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Can you reproduce this in the forum_app?

Okay, here it is in the forum app.

This page is a post feed.

On the right is a list of users. You can click each user and it goes to their timeline. When navigating to another user’s timeline the objective is to hide the Compose Group (only visible on Peter’s profile). The functionality seems to work well (the compose group collapses), until you click on another user and refresh the page. Once refreshed, the page has empty space above the post feed.

If you go to Media Group (red) and check “this element is visible”, then the app works properly. Reloading the page on any user doesn’t leave space above the repeating group of posts. Let me know if you have any questions.


Thanks, i’ll look into it.

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Should be fine now :slightly_smiling:


BRILLIANT! Thank you.