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Issue with setting the state of a group from a popup

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been having an issue with setting the state of a group. I currently have it that the group is only visible when the state is that value and not visible when the state is not that value. That has been working fine except for when I try to set the state of a group from a popup.

I have a popup that displays information and when one of the workflow buttons is pressed, it’s suppose to hide the popup and make the new group visible.

However, the previous group before the popup is also visible enough though it shouldn’t be and it’s covering up the group that should be visible.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

As you can see the white space is the group that should be invisible and the group with the icons should be visible, but they are covered up

Can you share a link to your editor?

Hi, I’m sorry I’m not comfortable sharing a link to the app.Thanks anyways

If you are not comfortable sharing your app, recreate the element problem on the demo forumapp and then share that page.

Thanks Dave. I will definitely do that. :grinning:

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I’ve included the link below. So pretty much, I set up each group with 2 conditionals, one to make the group visible when it’s current state is that value and not visible when it is not. However, the groups are still visible the background. Also, when I want to navigate from the current screen to the previous by setting the state from a popup, nothing happens.

The way you are setting the groups state is what is causing the problem.

You are setting Group A state to a 1 and Group B state to a 2, and the conditionals are only looking at that groups single state value which is not changing.

What you want to do is using a Single State on Group A that all the other conditionals read and buttons set the value of.

Button A set Group A State to 1
Button B set Group A State to 2

Group A and Group B conditionals read the value of Group A State.

The popup does the same thing.

Hi Dave

Thanks for taking time out to help, but I’m definitely confused. I’m trying to navigate from group to group. The values are the page numbers. In the example I wanted to navigate from group a (page 1) to group b (page 2) and then from the popup back to group a (1).

What’s the best conditional to use to ensure that only the group in the current state is visible while the others are invisible?

I don’t quite understand the answer you gave. Right now my current condition is "when groups current view (state) is “#” it is visible when it’s not that “#” it is invisible. The second part of the condition is not working. And I still don’t understand the part about the popup.

Thanks again for your help.

I have just had made some changes to what you had shared.

Now the seq is Group A -> Group B -> Popup -> Group A

This is done using a single state stored on Group A and referenced by the various conditionals and also set by the various workflows.

You could also achieve this using Show/Hide element actions on the workflows, without needing any custom states.

Thank you so much for all of your help.