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Group Not Collapsing When Hidden

For some reason, my groups won’t collapse when hidden. I had this functionality working yesterday.

“Element is visible” is unchecked.

“Collapse element when hidden” is checked.

The groups don’t show up on the page, & the space where they should be located remains blank. The group below doesn’t move up.

Any suggestions?

Can you please reproduce the situation in a new page here:

Then share the page link here so we can take a look. Please note that the app above is public and everyone can see it.

Thank you for the reply. I figured this out. I had a hidden group inside the main group, which must have obstructed the flow of collapsing elements. Thanks.

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Also, just for anyone’s information, this also happens, when the group is inside a reusable element for example.
In a nutshell, the “container” always takes over…

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