Custom states - changeable in the front end/DOM by users?

Are Bubble’s custom states set on the page able to be manipulated in the front end/DOM by users?

I am storing some values as custom states on a reusable element.

There are workflows that use these custom state values. I’m wondering if that is a safe approach or is it possible for those custom states’ values to be manipulated by a user somehow.

Thank you!

Yes it’s possible to a user with development knowledge to access the values written in the custom states and even modify it, however that’s only through very intentional technical fiddling with the page.

You can safely expect that the user will not accidentally change the custom state.

You can combat this by also doing a check when you process the workflow on the back-end to check if the data you have set has changed. This is a long way but I would definitely recommend you do this.