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Custom States - Unique to User?

Quick one, could be dumb, but just checking.

When setting custom states, I’ve made a huge assumption that the value the custom state is set to is specific to the user?

i.e. if I have multiple users logged in, and they are using the same page/element with the custom states, but each one of them is setting the custom state dynamically through their actions - I’ve assumed that is completely isolated to their User ID. Is this a correct assumption?

I can’t test this as I can’t replicate and I don’t have enough users in my live environment to know whether my assumption is correct.

Appreciate views as I can’t find the answer in bubble literature.

Hi there, @neilgellett… in short, your assumption is correct. However, as Bubble’s documentation mentions, think about custom states as being tied to the current view rather than being tied to a user’s ID. Because each user’s view (client) is different, then as you have assumed, a custom state’s value is specific to a single user.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Mike - appreciate the link to the Documentation also.

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