Custom States and Values newbie help

Hi Bubblers!

Been reading up all Custom states related posts and the benefits it affords to users. However, even after all the reading, I’m still unsure how to properly set one up. I can replicate other people’s forum_apps and get it working but that’s just me copying and not really understanding.

I understand that custom states allows an element to hold temporary data/values but what I am confused about is how do I go about defining what values to give it. Some examples I’ve seen assign a simple numerical value while other apps use types and things…

Are there other tutorials out there that shows a step-by-step guide in setting up a custom state? What are some tips you used to learn how custom states work.

Hoping to get some clarity from fellow Bubblers.

Hi @bajerlin,

Check out these two video walkthroughs that use custom states in different ways. Hopefully with the visual step by step and feature context, it’ll start to make more sense.

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@romanmg thanks for sharing!

Love your videos!

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