Custom states triggering the loading bar

I’ve been trying to set up custom states on a page and it’s triggering the loading bar/refreshing the page every time I click on an element to activate the next state. Almost like it’s navigating to a new page. Nothing in the workflow tells the element to refresh the page, and I don’t have any images or data that should be slowing down loading speeds. Any ideas?

UPDATE: figured it out. I have an animation that plays every 1 sec, pauses for 5 sec, and then fades out. Once I disabled that workflow, the custom states worked just fine. I’m still curious as to why the custom states triggered the loading bar with that animation enabled. I’m new to Bubble, so if anyone knows the answer I’d greatly appreciate it. Does this mean you can’t have custom states on a page if you have a “play every 5 seconds” workflow enabled?

This is a thing that happens. Custom States are (** I think **) tied to the refresh rate of the browser. There’s a lot of BS delays because of this, I think. :man_shrugging:

Thanks Keith. Yeah, that makes sense. I think I just need to leave the “plays every 5 seconds” workflow disabled and it helps keep things faster. Weird how much of a difference one thing can make on loading times.

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