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How to use custom state

Hi, im trying to rebuild my nav bar using custom states and i cant figure out how to do so. Ive checked the references and understand what they are (for the most part) but i cant seem to figure out where or how to create them. any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Are you trying to have a “page on a group” and have the groups hide/show depending on a custom state ?

yes. I already have it set up to hide and show everything when tabs are clicked but it uses workflows and id rather it use custom states. thanks!

Have a look at this 3 part form, it uses a custom state (and group conditions) to navigate.


thanks Nigel, this helps alot!


Trying to understand Custom State a bit more… so I’ve taken a look at the forum app, but I can’t actually SEE the settings of Custom States… I know that they are in the Workflow, but I don’t know what settings they have. Is there any way to show them? Even a screen shot as you created them would be helpful here.


Yes, a list of states would be useful (I don’t think it exists but may be wrong).

I tend to pull my states out into text fields when am building, so I know what is going on.

Debugger is helpful too.

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Would you be able to put a note in the Set State Notes?

Yes, will do.

As per previous comment, is there anything else that might be helpful for these patterns ?