Custom URL With Slug in Front

I know about Bubble’s ability to make use of Slugs to pass on information for a page to access (instead of using a data entry’s Unique ID). This helps one get their pages to be seen as “” instead of “” where the slug is “pizza-hut”.

Is it possible for one to achieve placing the slug BEFORE my app domain to get something like “” rather than “”?

Right now my domains are managed using AWS Cloud hosting services. If there are any detailed guides on how to configure my AWS to achieve this, it will be greatly appreciated. However, if Bubble CANNOT achieve this without using paid plugins or whatever, do let me know!!

With much thanks

The short answer is you need a plugin of some sort (as far as I’m aware). See this post: Is it possible to hide part of a page's URL in bubble? - #8 by bubble.trouble

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