Custom Workflows - App Wide

Is it possible yet to create custom workflows that are capable of being triggered from any page in the app? Like a central area where we create custom workflows that can then be triggered from any page, not just the page in which they were created?

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Unless you trigger a backend workflow with the App Connector connected to itself but that has its drawbacks too.

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I mostly just add the custom workflow to my reusable header and then trigger custom workflows from that across the app, that works pretty well IMO

That is a solid work around.

I think Bubble could implement this fairly easily if they add a workflow action to the trigger custom workflow from backend…currently we have on pages and reusable elements the ability to trigger custom workflows from reusable elements, the page/reusable element itself, when data changes as well as to schedule a custom workflow.

If they just added a fifth option of trigger custom workflow from backend workflows it would make it so that the backend workflows area could function as the central area for creating our custom workflows to really help us build more modularly.

But, until then, I think your work around is pretty good.

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@boston85719 this would be AWESOME, but for now I’m loving your workaround @Oliver-wholegraintech!