Reusable Workflows, won't work with page relevant inputs

Hello There!

My app has many pages
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3 and on…

So… In every page, I have a button that the first two things, it creates the same THING for every page, let’s say it’s Applicant’s data.

But, I have inputs in every page like
Insurance Holder
Insurance value

This, are the same in every page, before getting more specific.

I have read about reusable workflows here

But it won’t work. Because I need to create things from each page inputs. This, is not possible with custom events. Because following instructions from the Bubble Manual, the reusable workflow fromt he reusable element, it won’t accept data from the external page input.

I’m I wrong? is there a way to bypass this?

Let me know and thank you all communitty! I love how far I’ve get with bubble!


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