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Customise the Y coordinates for a wide "stripe"


I have been trying to create a full width rectangle that responds to the width of the page.

I found out that you can do stripes but it seems that these stripes can only be at the top or bottom of the page.

I read another post and someone suggested using a floating group to make a “stripe-like” effect in the center. However none of these solutions solve my problem as I need a stripe thats 500px from the top of the page.

Can I do this at the moment?

Thanks in advance guys, I really appreciate it.

Do you want the stripe to stay there when scrolling or move with the page?
You can set the position of a floating group with “y” 500.
You can first place a stripe with height 500 and then place your stripe.

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Yeah, this isn’t the most intuitive thing, but you can absolutely do this. Whatever you want your “normal” background color to be, you would create a stripe of that color and make it 500px tall. Then, you’d add ANOTHER stripe to the background, this one being the thing you wanted to create in the first place. A bit strange, but it works.

I’ve found a lot of working with Bubble is to focus on what you want the end result to be, then figure out a solution that works. There’s not really a lot of “right ways” to get stuff done, and your users won’t know the difference anyway. I’ve definitely had both of these moments:


How about this one then… were putting stripes across our home page, and each stripe is the same size as the box it matches. On the Bubble editor you can see it works fine: (we’ve made the stripes red and blue for clarity)

On the Preview, things behave badly…

We have lots of stripes all working fine, expect this one…

Geesh, I got nothing on this one!

How many stripes do you have in total?

9 stripes in total… All working fine except one

Is this in responsive?

Good question, in responsive stripes don’t exist any more, instead you just use a group and it’ll stretch to the page width if you don’t put a max width, but is more intuitive and powerful.


Ah wow nice! That’s so much more useful.

Hello @kfhwdd. Have you managed to add this stripe? i can t figure out how to do it

Stripes doesn’t exist in responsive anymore. You can do it with a group.

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i have tried with the group but i can’t figure out. can you give me an example?


I’m on my mobile do is a bit difficult. What do you want to create? I’ll try and assist.

i want the header background to stretch to page width:

Set x = 0, you =0, don’t set a max or fixed width.

i cannot manage to do it. is not working for me :frowning:
can you maybe make an example in the app forum?

I’m on my mobile for the weekend. I can only do it tomorrow.
Have a look at this site.

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@cm1 have you come right with your header?

I think the problem might be that your page is set to a fixed width. It’s difficult to say without a link to see what you’ve done in your app.

Have a look at these examples. Is this what you were looking for? This is as far as I will be able to assist you without knowing what you’ve implimented in your app.