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Group vs Stripe to cover page width

Hello Bubblers,

I used stripes to cover page width for any terminal and that worked very well but as stripes aren’t responsives I replaced stripes with groups. But I can’t have the same effect as stripes : I can’t cover page width with group. How did you manage this operation ?

Thanks !

I use groups and they cover the whole page width. I.e my header is a floating group. Depends on your settings.

Thank you for your response Raymond.

The only way to cover the whole page width for me it’s to put a too large width( ex 3500) whereas the stripes automatically cover the whole page width with any terminal.

I don’t see another way.

Which settings you use in order that a group covers the whole page width of any screen ?


If you make the page full width (1200)

And have the group the same width (1200) but don’t have a fixed or max width …

It will expand as required. This is a 4000px wide screen according to screenfly.

Thank you for your response Nigel. Unfortenately it doesn’t work for me.

In the bubble example it’s exactly like you explained me above.(the only diffrence : the width is 1160 instead of 1200 but it’s the same)

And it works in the preview since the diffrent groups cover the whole page width even if I zoom out.

Now for our case I did exactly like you explained me and examples Bubble.

But it doesn’t work. When I go on the preview mode the groups don’t cover the entire page. It’s different from bubble whereas I did exaclty the same thing.

Many thanks for your help.

@salim.saadaoui This mitgt be why.Have a look to see if your page is responsive

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Thank you very much Raymond. I understood how to fix this.


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