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Customize change password

The form that you can access (when you want to change a password) comes in form av a link by email.

That link gets opened as a kind of html page (or something), BUT it is in English.

I would like to customize the “This page lets you reset your password.”, and other things in that page to Spanish.
How do I do that?

Thank for your help!


I choose Spanish as my work language for my app, but the change password form seems to be outside my processes

Have you modified the reset_pw page? It’s one of the required pages in Bubble. I haven’t touched localization yet, so I can’t comment why the page wasn’t updated to Spanish.

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Modifying the reset_pw page is indeed the way to go.

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Both of you are genius, and I am a happy beginner :joy: (because of your help)

Thank you so much!!, now I can customize that page.

Love you, guys!!

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