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Guys i have been searching this forum for 3 days now and I can find bits and pieces of information on how to translate your app, but no simple explanation for how to use the language translation feature in bubble settings. Mostly I see tutorials on how to translate the text, but not how to make it work on the page after you have translated. For example, I need my users to click on a button to change the language. How can I do that using the language settings in bubble. Please I’ve been on this for 3 days now without any success.

Hey there @lancegerarrd,

Have you checked out:

Thanks a lot man. I love this forum. How did i even miss that. I went through some very scanty text somewhere else on that manual and thought that was all.


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No problem! Glad I was of help :blush:

I imagine the best way to change languages (after translation is done) is through custom states

Please can someone show me how to change the language using custom states. I have read everything about it and tried it but it doesn’t seem to work well. I have translated my text from English to French in the Language settings but how can I use custom states and maybe workflows so that when the user clicks a button, the language changes.

Note that I have also created a langue field in the user data type.

What I need is this: when the page loads, it should be in French, then there is a button I can click to switch between French and English.

The results I get are never the same I don’t know why. sometimes i load the page and it’s in english and without changing anything, I load the page and it’s in french.

Please someone show me how this can be done.

Basically you will create duplicate text in the second language (French) of all the English text and place them in the same position as the English text and then make all those texts to be not visible on page load. Then you create a new custom state and call it whatever you like such as “language”. You then create a button for switching language and add a state to it e.g French. Then for every English element you add a conditional that makes that text element hidden when the state is French, and add a conditrional to every French text that makes it visible when the state is French.

Here is a good video on custom states:

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