Customize collapse operation animation duration?

Is it possible customize the duration of the collapse height operation for a group? It occurs very quickly and for my app other animations are more deliberate.

Anybody got ideas?

There’s no setting for that. You can instead “animate in” the visibility of the group, but the animate options (these are under element actions in the workflow tab and they are basically animated show/hide operations) can be a little tweaky to work with. Experimentation is key and, also, know that after you kick off an animation operation, you will typically want to insert a pause step approximately the same length or a touch longer than the animation duration.

(This is not documented. The library used for animated reveals in Bubble is a bit funky. Not sure if that’s an implementation issue or what, but you’ll find that you may need to force things to wait until transitions are finished to avoid odd behavior upon showing/hiding the element again.)

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