Slower toggle on collapse-able element

I have a large element with ‘collapse when hidden’ and ‘animate the collapse operation’ checked on it. The problem is that the animation happens too quickly and it feels abrupt, sudden and janky. How can I fix this? I tried using the Animate action, but while the animation works fine, the space where the element was doesn’t contract during the closing animation and appears fully instantly on the opening animation (I have slide up/down animations, so this should happen gradually). What can be done here?

Contact Bubble about a Bug that the animation speed of the collapse when hidden is not available on the property editor (it isn’t really a bug, just a feature that is long overdue)

There is custom CSS that can be used, but a bit more complicated that might be wanted.

Play with the types of containers or layout of containers. I use floating groups and set to float relative to bottom, so when I run the workflow animation to slide up/down, they do so from the position on the page I want them to…if I want them to come from top, I float relative to top…from bottom of page I float relative to bottom.

If working with groups, you could try putting them into a container with layout type of align to parent and set the position to the bottom or top of the container (I don’t remember if I tested this and it worked or not, but my assumption is that it should work in the same way the floating group method does).

Some simple CSS might allow you to position the group element to the bottom or top of the page, the same way by default the floating group can be, but when it comes to custom CSS it really matters what the entire design of the page is like and what other elements are involved.

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Youre’ right, now that I think about it, it really is an absent feature.