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Customized Icon?

I am looking to change the icons on a map dependent on the data, and I think I noticed a new feature has been added that does exactly this. “Data Dependent” option in Customzied Icon. It is looking for “Icon Field” … but there are no options. What do I need to put on the form to enble this ?


The way it works is that you save in the database the image you want to use for each entry. So you should create a field ‘icon’ of type image for the type you’re displaying on the map, and then you’ll pick that field in the ‘Icon Field’ section.

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I shall use the overused word … Awesome :smile:

Sounds like I can have user generated icons too, if a user can save their own image and I can scale it.

Is there a recommended type and size ?

Right, you can for instance use their picture, etc.

The map element resizes the icon to 35px, so that should just work. Any image (png preferred) is good.


is it possible to just change the color of a standard googlemaps marker according to a datafield?

(instead of uploading a whole new data dependent icon?)

I agree with @sophia it would be great to be able to add a condition to the maps marker based on some data field to add a customized icon. so I could make restaurants one icon and other locations another icon, etc

You can already.

Although it doesn’t work all that well when you zoom, as the icons don’t scale.