Changing Map Icons

Hi bubblers,

I would like a map on my app to display markers on certain locations. This is easy i have done this with custom markers etc.

However i would really like to change the icon’s colours over time for example when the store is open the icon would be GREEN then say for example their is 2 hours left until closing the icon would turn ORANGE then in the last hour the icon would appear RED.

Is this possible?

The way i have been looking at it seems rather complicated as i would have to go on the data base with perhaps each day an individual field with possibly a yes/no input then do go through all the hours… this is hurting my head already :thinking:


Hi, I would also be interested in this feature.
More generally, I find the “custom icon” or “data dependent” a good idea but not yet convenient enough to be used.

The main problems are to me:

  • images need to be restricted in size: in my case, images are displayed in a HUGE size and cover almost all the map. I would need to create a new field with the same image but in an “icon-like” format, but still it would depend on the size of the device etc so I would prefer a better solution
  • I do not need to update specifically all images, but I would need to update icons by categories, eg one same icon for all “Restaurants”, on other same icon for all “Shops” etc, but I don’t need to set a specific icon for each specific restaurant or shop…

So to me, super interesting features would be:

  • the ability to upload “data-dependent” ICONS and not images.
  • the ability to make the icon dependent of a specific field value, for example:
    —> if the value of a field “icon” of an object of type “Store” is “restaurant”, then show an icon “Restaurant.svg”
    —> if the value of a field “icon” of an object of type “Store” is “shop”, then show an icon “Shop.svg”

The most simple version of the second feature could be taking just the default icon (or a Bubble icon), but changing its color depending on a field value (“restaurant” -> orange, “shop” -> blue), or like the @rvanna needed, changing the colors depending on the opening hours values.

I honestly think this feature would interest a LOT of bubblers. Thanks to the Bubble team if they can study this possibility :slight_smile:



Just had the same issue as @nicolas.bousson

Some option set needs to be in place to scale down the images, especially when user-uploaded. Otherwise the data-dependent map marker icons are not standardized