D3.js from Bubble DB

Hello all,

I’m trying to implement a custom d3.js chart pulling from my bubble db, but I can’t seem to figure this out. There’s no running/autoupdated export of a bubble db to json or csv to my knowledge.

D3.js requires dataload to be via csv, json, or xml format.

The example d3.js is here: https://codepen.io/bumbeishvili/pen/GRmLjxe

Please do not refer me to existing charting plugins or tell me it’s possible like a few of the posts on here attempting to address questions by others relating to d3.js.

Thanks for any assistance as I’m burning tons of hours on this.

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What exactly are you asking for here? I’ve previously posted the exact code required to implement d3.js…

I’m happy to help but you are asking for assistance with what exactly?

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Just did a search through your history and found what you’re referring to. First I’ve seen on this one. I’ll review and then reply. Thanks again!

So, things I’m trying to do:

First, i followed you post about implementing the base scripts required for d3.js. This worked to get it to display properly in the HTML element, so thank you.

However, the d3 library wants to pull from either csv or json. I’m trying to get the chart to pull directly from my bubble database so that it’s dynamic and auto-updates.

What’s the method for doing this?

Problem summarized: Get bubble db into a d3.js HTML element