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Daily Recursive Workflow

Hello Bubblers,

I am currently working on a client project where I need to create a recursive workflow. My first time working on this so it feels a bit out of my depth.

My use case is the following:
The client has a data type “contract” on which we want to run a workflow daily to check their completion status. To know this, we need to get the information from one of their web services which I communicate with via API. With the workflow, I want to creat a thing “Contract Management Status Tracker” which would be linked to the “Contract”.

I have looked at the info already available online about recurring/recursive workflows but not sure how to go about it yet.

Any of you have advice or recommendations for me? That would be greatly appreciated.

Where are you facing challenge? Triggering it every day?

Hey Sharma,
I believe to have made it work even though there are a few things not working like I wanted to. I haven’t done the “everyday scheduling” yet but it should not be to difficult now that I have started to figure it out.