Recurring api call


I need some help with recurring workflows,
I have created a recurring event in backend which checks if any appointments are scheduled and if they are paid or not. If they are not paid, I cancel the appointments.

I need this event to run every 2 hours. Any suggestions on how to do this would be of great help.
I am on personal plan and it allows only monthly workflows.


You can schedule a WF itself. So you can schedule the first run, and in the bckend WF, schedule itself in 2hours.
Be aware that this kind of loop may stop sometimes if you reach max capacity for example or if there’s any error in wf


Another basic question.

How do I schedule a workflow for every two hours

I do not see any option to run it every 2 hours.

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in the backend WF, if you schedule the same workflow (recursive loop) they will keep running in loop every 2 hours because each time it will run, it will schedule itself again and again

I have created a workflow to run every 30 mins, I initialized it the first time. It worked correctly for first two runs.
And then, the third run did not happen.

You can see that the workflow has run at 10:34. Ideally the next workflow has to run at 11:04.
But if I go to Scheduler section, There is no workflow scheduled.

Is there anything I am missing here?

Can you share your backend WF setting

This is the frontend from where I am initiating the call for the first time.

This is the workflow which I have defined in the backend.

I have setup the api in apiconnector plug-in
I am not able to figure how to build a recursive loop for my case.

You dont’ have anything in step 2 that schedule itself 30 min later.

thanks, i was able to create a recursive workflow.

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