Dark Mode for Bubble Editor

Just like YouTube, it would be cool to have a dark mode button on Bubble’s Editor. I’m a person that like dark themed websites and apps and use a dark mode Chrome extension when I am up late at night on my computer. Here’s a screenshot of something I have in mind:


That would help my eyes at night! I 100% agree with this!


Out of curiosity, are there things that the dark mode Chrome extension isn’t able to do that a dark mode within the editor would accomplish better?

For me, I’d say the dark mode Chrome extension gets 95% of it right. (Accounting for the Design tab not being able to see colors as they are intended part :stuck_out_tongue:).

The Dark Mode extension does work very well. But just as you mentioned before, it doesn’t cover all of the visual elements. For example, one thing I noticed is that the grids do not show when I enable the extension and the color palette it empty:

Thus, this doesn’t allow me to use this because I refer to the grids a lot in my app.

I agree with a dark mode, but where my use cases end is around color management/custom styling on the design tab.

For something impacting color, I want to see it as the user would see it. As a function, night mode changes that. So, I’d leave color adjustments til sunlight hours and be OK with what the extension covers.

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Hey guys did you see that we have built the dark mode for Bubble? :slight_smile: 🕶 Dark Mode For Bubble is Here - Chrome Extension from Zeoqode

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Just tested it out. Looks good. I’ve been using another Chrome extension called Dark Reader which can apply to all website. It’s helpful for those that are browsing the web at night and want to reduce strain on your eyes.

Did you try Dark reader with Bubble? :slight_smile:

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