Editor Background colour with DarkColour too

  • Similar to an idea of having a distinct background color submited a while ago here:


I would support the need of having access to a Darker Background+Bars too.
(Maybe in form of Theme or just let “us” users - apply some “reverse” colors to the Editor)

Here is very simple DarkTheme activated through a Firefox plugin.
F.F. Plugin Dark Mode
though it would be nice to have the feature from the BBL editor itself.
(Maybe having 2 color tones for Live and Deploy Mode would be somthing easy to add)


I also think that would be an awesome feature for the Bubble editor.

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Hmm…an extra reason why a Built-in Dark theme should be part of the Editor:
This one I am using as of now is causing some “interference” while trying a Demo Pluggin:

more info here :slight_smile:[SOLVED] Is paid account interfering with pluggin Demo?

While deactivating the Darktheme, leads to a normal behaviour in the Demo.
therefore unless I find another Darktheme that would not interfere with BBL and BBL plugin test, I cant rely on a 3rd party Darktheme… :no_mouth::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Now testing BRAVE browser - a Chrome fork - with Dark Reader…