Data API - Search constraint 'Is In'

Hi all - I’m working on an api request to search my bubble database from an external service.

I’ve got the calls working, and basic ‘search with constraints’ returning data. But am struggling with the ‘is in’ search constraint. In the docs it mentions this works with all field types.

A simplified usecase would be ‘name’ is in ‘Rob, David, Sarah’ - returning anyone who’s name is one of those three inputs.

If this is correct, I’ve tried supplying an array but get this error:

Here is the structure I’ve used:

And the unencoded version for easy reading:
[ {“key”: “first_name1_text”, “constraint_type”: “is in”, “value”: [“Rob”, “David”] } ]

Can anyone see what’s wrong with this? Or perhaps point me in the direction of a working example of is in that I could learn from please?

Thank you!

What is the value of first_name being sent? There might be some case sensitive issues going on here, maybe?

Shouldn’t it be “in” instead of “is in”?

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mmahirf - thank you! Yes, that is indeed the problem.

A classic case of looking at something too long and missing the completely obvious. Fixed, thank you!