IS IN and IS NOT IN operators

I can’t find any documentation about the “is in” or “is not in” constraint operator, so I have no idea how it works in Bubble, but standard SQL allows you to pass a list of values. Like so:

SELECT firstName, lastName
FROM users
WHERE lastName in (‘Smith’, ‘Jones’)

I have an example where I am looking up types based on their name and I am trying to enter two text values like so

name is in “Smith”,“Jones”

but the interface won’t let me. Name is a text field, and bubble is showing me other Text operators (=, <>, contains, etc.) as well as is in and is not in. There is no reference option in the constraint editor (another bug btw) so I looked through the reference and manual, but there is no mention of the is in or is not in operator that I can find.

So this is either a bug that for text fields is in and is not in don’t allow you to type strings lists OR it works in some other way but there is no reference to explain it.

Anyone have any idea?

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So the official answer from Bubble is this is not supported. Posting here in case others run into this.

“Thanks for reaching out. The issue is that we don’t yet support typed in strings for the constraint. The workaround is to refer to it dynamically from a custom state’s value for example. We’ll keep this request in mind as we continue to evolve our product.”


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