Data API type names with utf-8 characters like "ç"

I’m have an app with portuguese names for things and I’m trying to use Data API do access data in the app. The problem is I have a thing called “Tabela De Preço” and when I try to access it with:ço” or “” or “

I get a {“statusCode”:404,“body”:{“status”:“NOT_FOUND”,“message”:“Type not found tabeladepre%C3%A7o”}} error

How do I know the type name to use in the Data API when I have characters like “ç” or any other that will be URL encoded?

Have you tried exploring the Swagger API documentation?

It should be available at or

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Thanks for the tip. I just checked it and it has a definition of “tabeladepreco”, but it doesn’t work when I try to request the obj with this name :confused:, very odd.

what error do you get?

The same error, actually. That’s why I’m a bit confused.

There was an issue setting up your call.

Raw response for the API 
Status code 404
{"statusCode":404,"body":{"status":"NOT_FOUND","message":"Type not found tabeladepreco"}}

The swagger json shows the following definition.

"definitions": {
    "tabeladepreco": {
        "type": "object",
        "properties": {
            /* properties here */

It’s possible that the Swagger generation is incorrect. (You might need to file a bug report with Bubble to be able to know what the actual endpoint name is. I don’t know of any other way to know what the endpoint name is.)

There is a way to see what Bubble internally calls a data type and you can expose this with my “Fielder” plugin. You can’t inquire directly about a Thing, but if you put a field of that type on some other thing, Fielder can tell you the internal data type name for that field.

So, if I make a data type called Tabela De Preço:

And then I put a field of that type on some other Thing:

When I run Fielder on the Favorite Thing data type with Debug mode turned on, here’s what we learn about that data type in the console:

So it would seem its internal name is:


My best guess is that that is the actual name of the endpoint.

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Have you tried checking the swagger docs under the path section instead of definitions?

You should find there the actual path to call like /obj/your_resource/{UniqueID}.

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People… I figure out what the problem was. It’s was quite simple and bit embarrassing actually :joy:.

I had selected the wrong type in the Data API exposure settings, that’s why it wasn’t being found. Sorry to take everyone’s time and thanks for the help!

When I selected the right one it accepted the “tabeladepreco” name.