Data API-unable to find typename

I’ve set up a range of data API calls to various endpoints and these are working fine.

On adding some additional calls I’ve now found a number of data ‘types’ that aren’t found via the API so when I call them I get:

{“statusCode”:404,“body”:{“status”:“NOT_FOUND”,“message”:“Type not found participant_role”}}

The type is correct to the name in Bubble, I’m assuming that it may have a different name in the system but can’t find anywhere to locate what it may actually be called.

Is there any way to find this info? I’ve tried renaming but this has no impact, I assume the typename is set on creation and doesn’t change on update

I am having the same problem. I have a type “test” and I want to insert a “thing” via the data api. I have set the privacy rules, there is no authentication set. I can GET the data from this type but when I try to POST I get the following message.

{“statusCode”: 404,

"body": {

    "status": "NOT_FOUND",

    "message": "Type not found test%20%7B%22Job%22:%22dave%22,%22Name%22:%22analyst%22%7D"



I get the same message if I uncheck the test data type in the API tab so it appears the database settings are not being applied in Development. Is this a bug?

OK, I have resolved my problem. In bulk the content type must be plain/text and for single insertions “application/json”. I have written some Excel VBA code that sends an http request in a loop that forms the json and then Bubble inserts each row one by one via the POST Data API call. It does about 3 rows a second so its quite slow. When I used “bulk” I kept getting “time out” errors so I have given up on that for now. The jason needs to be perfectly formed or you get unhelpful error messages in the response !