Data Architecture and How to best Use Algolia

I am excited by the availability of Algolia integration.
I have a question about the data and database architecture. Here’s what I mean:

I am building a directory application. One that has phone numbers, addresses, photos, descriptions, comments, reviews, and more for real estate listings and rentals.

I don’t think that I can/should use Algolia to index and search all of those data directly. In other words, I shouldn’t use Algolia to store images and reviews, etc… Moreover, I believe that I can use Algolia to retrieve relevant listing ID’s, and then use what is returned from Algolia to lookup and populate the bubble display/page using what is stored in the Bubble database… In essence, I’m saying that

Query submitted → Algolia Lookup → Search Page Results In Bubble with photos, and detailed data

Query submitted → Algolia Lookup → Use Algolia Results To Query Bubble DB → Search Page Results In Bubble with photos, and detailed data

That way I can prevent Algolia from having to lookup photos, and descriptions, etc.

My question: Is this a better way of doing things? Is this typically done for large datasets? Is there a link, video, or other recource you can refer to me that talks about this?