Data display in Repeating Group From API connector not showing all items in array

API connector is pulling the data just fine but when I need to use the data it shows empty responses where it shows data just fine through api connector, or even the step before doing the same call.

It only grabs 3 items in the array then just shows empty empty empty for any other items that are added. Changed nothing and after updates starting seeing this.

Exact same API call using postman or bubble api connector shows the items just fine.

If I store those items into the DB instead of trying to just use them in a repeating group it works. I’ll use that for now, but what broke with this update?

Did this get resolved?

It works in Postman, but doesn’t work in Bubble, hmmm… what would I try if I were you? Try reinitializing the call in API Connector? Maybe there is something funky with the field type.

They fixed the bug. it started working again. I did nothing, and it started working again the next few days, but it was pretty frustrating they didn’t say anything or even talk about the bug.

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