Repeating Group not showing API return values

I have an API that goes out an grabs dates from an outside database. I’ve confirmed the data being returned, however the data displayed in the repeating group is different than what is returned. I initially left the data source blank and handled the refresh from a workflow, as below. Any ideas why the value being returned is not what displays?

This is the workflow being called (from another RG on the page and int eh same group:

This is the Repeating Group definition and Field definition:

If I put the call into the Data Source of the Repeating Group, the same issue and I can see the right data, but again it doesn’t appear to show in the RG.

I’m just lost as to why. I have many other such type of calls that work, and I have spent hours and hours trying to understand what I am missing here. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for any and all help.

Probably need to see the app editor to work this out. Can you make it public ?

Update…Bubble has confirmed this is a bug and is working to correct it. Thanks.

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