Data Display on repeating group

Hey everyone. I have set up a messenger feature in my web app, and for the website it requires no page change. The data is displayed from a list of conversations in the form of a repeating group, which when clicked displays the data of the conversation into a chat group, that has a repeating group inside of it. Problem is that the workflows don’t require any change of tab or page, and only require data display; this is a problem because when users click through the list of conversations repeating group too fast, the user data displayed on the chat group gets mixed with the data of the conversation cell that was clicked on before.

Similarly, when workflows showing/hiding groups occur too fast, sometimes groups disappear ( when clicked they appear and then they vanish)

Any Help?

Hi janjofe,

I assume you are mainly using the workflow actions show/hide and display data. Is this correct?

A better way of doing this, which leads to far less errors if you click fast, is using states.

A state is when you store data in an element.
You can store just the information “yes or no” in a state and use this to display something if state is yes and hide if it is no; or you can store data. Therefore you will no longer need show/hide and display data.

  1. To show you where to create states:

2.For example, let us say you have the 2 groups:
a. List of conversations (your first screen) and b. single conversation (your second screen)
If you click the text of one conversation in a, use the workflow set state of group single conversation to yes and set the state of group single conversation’ to the conversation you clicked.

  1. On the group list of conversations, make it invisible and under conditionals: make it only visible if state of group single conversation is no.

4.On the group single conversation, make it invisible and under conditionals: make it only visible if state of group single conversation is yes. Set the source of this group to the state so group single conversation’s conversation. Therefore it will always take the conversation from the last one you clicked.

  1. Create a back button, in your group single conversation, that resets the conversation state to empty and the show state to no.

hope this helps, let me know if you have further questions

happy Bubbling & regards, Julius


Awesome, thanks will try it out. Really appreciate the help. If you want to check out what im working on here’s the link: