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Msg when repeating group has no data

I have a repeating group with many constraints so occasionally there will be no data to show. In this case I want to display a message to the user and it seems like test box with a conditional on data returned :count<1 would do the trick. This works BUT the message is displayed before the query for the repeating group is executed so this isn’t the solution.
Any other ideas?

Hello :slight_smile: Can you share a link to your app? Is the text element visible on page load?

I currently am using 3 Yes/No custom states to track status:

1 - NewSearch
2 - LoadInProgress
3 - LoadComplete

When the user changes the input search, set 1 to yes and the others to No.
When the RepeatingGroup condition is Loading Set 2 to yes and 1 to No
When RepearingGroup IsLoading is No and LoadInProgress is yes, set 3 to Yes and 2 to No.

You could then show the message when 3 is Yes and Count is <0.

Thx Dave, I guess this will add several workflows each time page is loaded?

Custom states won’t count as any workflows since you’re not making any changes to the database.

These are tiny simple boolean events, negligble impact and doesn’t cost any workflow.

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No, i have hidden it but conditional gets result back before query has chance to run so it displays message and then 2-3 seconds later it disappears and repeating group is loaded

So Dave, if i follow your process, dont need user modifying search since system will do that and when page is loaded and repeating group is calculated, where do I set the state?. I can see that create workflow that checks element is loading and set state, but i dont see test for element is loaded?

Use the Do When Conditon is true, and set the test to RepeatingGroup IsLoading

Then look for the state changes with another condition to determine load complete:

Thx Dave, clear now :slight_smile: