Data display use RG and pop up

Hi bubbler
I set up an RG that includes several fields from all the fields on the item.
I want to generate a button that when clicked displays a POP UP of all the existing fields in the database on the item.
I know how to set up the button and how to use POP UP, but do not know how to make POP UP display all the fields for the same record in RG
If you know a video in addition to the explanation it will help me a lot.
Thanks in advance for all the answers

In the pop up, set the data source to the “repeating groups current cell”. Then the pop up will have access to the data and you can design the pop up as you want.


  • Set the popup to be the same content of the RG’s
  • When a button within a row of the RG is clicked set a workflow to display data to the popup


Hope this helps! :smiley:

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Dear Carlos
Attached are 4 photos that show that I followed the instructions,
Despite this I the data is not sent to the popup

Can you explain to me where I’m wrong
Thanks in advance

Thanks, I realized I was wrong