Show RG cell's data in a pop-up

Hi all!

I’m trying to set up the workflow where I can send RG’s current cell’s data to the pop-up window. However, in the workflow there is no such option, but only current cell’s index… I’ve tested various database source settings for both elements, but still have no luck. Please help:)


Hi there, @chuprygin… if I am seeing things correctly, you are using a group in the repeating group, so it should be as simple as sending the parent group’s thing (which is highlighted in your last screenshot) to the popup. Have you tried that already?


Hi, @mikeloc Yes, I’ve tried this way, but, unfortunately, still nothing…
The debugger shows this:

I’ve tried to create another simple popup with only one line of text and it works fine. So, i guess the problem is somewhere in the popup itself