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Data formula in internal bubble database

Hi everybody and hi @Emmanuel! thanks very much for creating Bubble! It’s such a great tool for people that like me don’t have programming knowledge but have ideas!!

I am wondering if there is a way to calculate formulas in the internal database, like you do in Excel. For instance I create a new thing, whch my user will create by inserting 3 numbers, and then I need to calculate the average. A more advamced feature would be to transform a text in a number (i.e. an answer like “very well” means 5, “fairly well” is 4, etc)

Is that possible? If not, is there a work around? I tried to export data in Google sheet trough blockspring and zapier, but I couldn’t make it work…

Thanks to anyone who will answer

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It isnt like excel in the formila and calculation within the database. That is not possible.

However, you can insert the data into the database after it has been calculated.

For examples:

  • Create a new thing: Stats
    • Avg= calculate forumla (avg) [input 1, input 2, input 3]
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[quote=“medicalresearchtoolb, post:1, topic:12963”]
Is that possible? If not, is there a work around?[/quote]

Basically, you create “hidden inputs” to compute your mathematical formula for each cell…then you save that hidden input to the database. Some other options:

  • ToolBox plugin has some mathematical abilities.
  • For Google Sheets, there is also a service called Sheetsu that you may find useful (very user-friendly tool to turn any google sheet into an API).
  • Google Sheets via blockspring works well too, but is more involved.
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Thanks very much for answering!
I am trying with blockspring, and I managed to append my values on a spreadsheet (finally!!), the problem is that i need to do that ame operation to other spreadsheets (or worksheets) and i am not finding the way to do that