Data from API to Repeating Group


I’ve been struggling with the same issue for a while now. I keep going back to it but can’t figure it out.

I am pulling data from an API, using the Bubble API Connector.

I am then trying to display this data in a repeating group, but it seems to lump all the data into one row, instead of breaking it up into separate rows.

See screenshot below…

I can’t quite figure out if it’s a database setup issue or my repeating group.

My database is setup as follows:

  • Data Type is “Search Results”

Within this data type I then have:

  • Keyword
  • Monthly Search Volume

My workflow is setup so that when a button is clicked it creates a new ‘Search Result’ as follows:

Then it displays in the repeating group, which is setup as follows:


Can someone help me fix this?

Kind Regards,


what data type is your search results stored in? If it’s a “list of texts”, make sure you are not setting the value to your “list of texts” by “add”. Instead you should choose “set list”.

Another option is you can try doing a “split by” and then comma. More info here: Operators and comparisons | Bubble Docs