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API Data that comes back is a list, but Bubble doesn't recognize it as one in repeating group

I’m using this API to get a list of Export Measures per a commodity: Trade Tariff Public API V2 v2 - Trade Tariff API .

I format the data as a “list of get specific commodity export measures”, and create a text field “Test Export Measure ID”. I “create a new thing (export measures)” with a click of a button where I get data from the API, and what is returned is a three values separated by a comma. They’re not treated as a list on the API level, however, and the displayed result in the repeating group looks like this:


What’s the best way to structure it to have each value displayed on a separate row of the repeating group? I understand that in the API, they’re treated as the same value, but can I split them?


Do I need a special plug-in or can it be done via parsing/splitting? If so, how can I do that?

Hi @esukhanova92

Have a look at this post - to see if it helps.