Data from webhook not saved in DB

Hi there! I’m new to Bubble and trying to store data from Zapier in my DB.

I created an API endpoint that is triggered when Zapier sends it data, this then triggers action of sending data to a DB I created. The only data being stored in the DB is the “creation date” but none of the data I get from Zapier is stored there. Please advice.

Why do your field assignments say

Email add Value …

Instead of

Email = Value …


This suggest that each record for an appointment has a list of texts for email data - instead of one email text.

Hi, thank you for your message! Yes your right, I actually updated this before but used an older image. I made an update to the post. Not sure what the issue is :frowning: been trying for a week to debug. Is it because I have a hobby account?

I think, no.
You have editor url , please share.
May be, try to change “Use as” to DATA or ACTION, hope it works.

Thanks for the reply, do you mean the debug like : ? Keep in mind the workflow is triggered by Zapier POST request and has no element interactions related to that API endpoint yet.

Did you manage to get the data? I am curious because I am experincing now similar problem. Not with Zapier though. I setup a stripe webhook with postmaster and when I want to use the api endpoint with stripe An invoice is created but with zero data.

Hi Poolman, yes I made it work but unfortunately, I don’t really remember exactly what was wrong and what I did + had to delete the application to create space :frowning: Not helpful to you but if I use Bubble again will try to add the solution.

I would suggest you to look at the Stripe event logs to see what data is being sent. It will at least pinpoint where the issue is.

After that check your bubble log to see what data is received through the webhook.

Dont forget to remove initialize and version-test from the URL.