Data written to database not visible in App Data View

Hi All,

I have been pulling my hair out trying to figure out why one of my workflows is not writing the data to the database. I spent hours pouring over my privacy rules trying to figure out where I could be going wrong, but I have just discovered that the data is actually being written to the database. (see images below)

Data is just not showing up in my table - the record shows up in query in the developers app data view that is set just to list the records where that field is not empty right after they are added- the only problem is that the column is completely empty except for one that I actually added by hand in the developers view. As I am looking at the developers data view, this is clearly NOT a data privacy issue. So what on earth could be causing this??

If I do a filter/query on the App data page for records that are not empty.
I get 12 records,
If I then filter on the basis of the number of records that have the specific value for that field, it goes down to the one that I entered manually even though that is the same user that that were added via the app in the 11 other records .

Meanwhile in the app, I have a table filtered for the specific value for the field (a user), it gives me 12 values. If I add another record, via the app, the table does not update (nor does the count based on the same “search for”, but the data in the app data view updates instantly.

Interestingly, the record where I added the user manually to the list of users field, there is a comma before the user data item that I added, suggesting that there are actually two entries of the same value in the field, just one is not visible.

One important detail that may be important as it may not affect the Main or Live versions. I am working in a version branch.

What I get in the App
Search Used to Fill the RG - Current user =

Results in the table - before and after I add another record by clicking on a video - table does not update.

When I filter in the app data view. - user that should be in all the records


note the red arrow pointing to the comma before the supposedly sole entry.

When I filter in the app data view - user field not empty


We may be experiencing the same bug…I reported it today as I am seeing in my logs everything is running as expected, but in the database I do not see the values as added. I’m running actions to save to database from backend workflows, which I believe may be related to the bug as I have another bug report from Feb 21, 2024 that is related to backend workflows.

Hey @boston85719,
Thanks for the response.
Is the issue affect all datatypes, or is it just user type?
Also, do the data actually exist like they do for me?
in my case, they do not display in the app data view, however, they can be displayed in the app itself (at least some of the time).

Hi @kevin.hunt,

Two possibilities come to mind:

  • Are you logged in when you click the video?
    If not, it will result in an “empty user” being aded to the viewed by list.

  • Have you deleted users without explicitly removing them from any “viewed by” lists they were in?
    If so, you might be experiencing the “phantom list item” issue.

On another note, as best I can tell from your screenshots, you’re storing a list of users on each video. If that’s the case, it’s not a very scalable design and will adversely impact performance and WU consumption as your user base grows.

If you’re interested in a better approach, let me know.


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