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Data not showing up when viewed in the Data tab

Not sure what I am doing wrong… I am creating a marketplace app, created a product thing in a group, set up workflow to save the data then preview the data on another page where I mapped out the fields from the previous page but nothing shows up in the preview page or the database. The database does show entries but empty…

Would appreciate any help…


Can you please email [email protected] with the app name you are working on? There might be an issue with how the workflow saves data (hence the empty entries) but we need to take a closer look.

Hi George,

Just sent an email…

Thanks much!

When creating a new product, you want to also set the fields to their respective values.

As you design the page to view these fields, make sure to set its type to that of the thing (product) you are creating.

When you navigate the user to the preview page, remember to set the Data to Send field to the product created in the previous step. It is now available in the page you are navigating to, without having to search for it.