Data not targeting the right profile

Hello to all,

I have an issue on my app where when I want to associate a sport frequency per week to an user, it doesn 't appear on the right profil.

In the example below, I associated the fhz 1 to the profil 1, 2 to the profil 2 as to make the problem clearer to understand.

I believe that when the user names are entered (profil 1, 2,…) it is not done correctly, despite that the worklflow clearly indicate to first writte the profile 1, then profile 2…

If the probleme explanation lacks of accuracy please let me know

Thank you in advance


I am not sure what the problem is.

What I can comment is that Bubble runs actions in parallel and not necessarily in order. For more info on this please review this post:

In order to ensure that an object is assigned to a desired user using the current interface that you kindly show … this should not be too difficult.

Perhaps a better look into the expressions and actions currently used could help to understand what is happening. :smiley:

Hello Cmarchan,

It is exactly the issue I faced. I found a trick since.

But glad to know that the triggering is not following the desired flow, so we have to adapt.

Thank you!

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