Does the workflow is asynchronous?!?

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I am experiencing something strange… I thought that the workflows run synchronous, one step after another…

I am building something very simple, a signup form where, before the user is signed up, i run a workflow to do some analysis (as “Search for” and other stuffs). The LAST step in this wokrflow is to create this new user. But the problem is that Bubble is not waiting all the steps of my workflow and the user is beeing created before it`s steps arrive. This is crazy…

I am testing in debug mode. Step-by-step, and the user is created sooner than the event “Sign the user up”.

Anyone guesses whats is going on?

@rpetribu Bubble tries to run steps in a workflow when viable. It does sequential when you use “result of step 1 or whichever”, when you use conditions that say “result of step 2 is not empty”, and others that do not come to mind … or that I do not know how it is handled.

If you want to use searches in your flows a good practice is to have them ready. As an example … setup a hidden repeating group with the search and refer to it in the flow. Or …schedule a custom event a few seconds in the future so that you give the flow search time to complete.

Just a few ideas thrown out there for you that may spark some ways for yo deal with the logic you are building.

A good resource to understand more about the innerworkings of this and other topics is to read the (paid) guide to performance in Bubble by @petter .

Thank you for your help. I will try to think in other alternatives for cases like this. As well as read the recommended article.

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