Data not updating RG, only works after refresh page


recently I notice that after I did a change in database, my RG will not be updated and only after refreshing the page, the change will appear.

Anyone can help me? its very hard to explain it here with photo therefore I have some screen recording :

Note that the temporary RG on the left side is to show that sometimes, the RG will detect and sometimes it doesn’t.

Sweet UI!! Very nice work.

I believe I logged the same issue here and was waiting to confirm if its a bug before reporting to Bubble:

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Thank you so much! hopefully we get help soon as it is affecting my operation :frowning:
I do not use reusable elements but seems similar issue as mine!

Until the issue is resolved, is there an alternative business process you can use that require a page exit and return that the user wouldn’t realize is a workaround?

Or what about making the page where that cool entry form is a different page as opposed to a pop-up, and then return to the page with the RG? (I can’t do that as the reusable is on the actual page of the RG.)


Hi there!

Did this issue get solved? I’m experiencing a similar problem.

Best regards!

For many it was resolved.

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